I am a photographer. I struggled for years to feel worthy enough to say those words, never feeling confident enough in myself and in my work to believe it. I am a photographer. I do my best to tell stories, while inserting a little piece of my own story into my work. I draw my inspiration from emotions, those I have felt myself and the emotions that others have experienced and shared with me through their stories. I shoot this style of work as a creative outlet for both myself and my subjects. It may be dark at times, but I hope you see a certain strength and vulnerability depicted throughout. I also hope you can feel a little bit of the emotion that went into making it.

I am a proud East Coast Canadian and have lived here all my life. I have an amazing wife and a crazy home full of fur-kids. In addition to my personal creative work, I also shoot portraits and weddings,which I assure you is not as dark and moody as the work here.